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Wooden Washing Line Pole
Assembly Of Wooden Washing Line Pole

A wooden washing line pole and clothesline is much better for drying your clothes outside in the fresh air than in a dryer. You do not only save money and energy by utilizing a wooden washing line pole, but using a dryer is one appliance that uses the most energy! By Utilizing a wooden washing line pole your clothes ends up smelling much better too!

When you choose an outdoor wooden washing line pole and clothesline you should remember the following: The average load of washing use about 30 – 35 feet of line and the clothesline should be more or less that. Remember that the sag factor increases with length.

Assuming the load of washing is spin dried, the load of wet washing can weigh about 14 to 19 pounds. As it dries it can shed a lot of this weight. The more weight you put on the line the quicker the clothesline will get stretched out. Remember that you will also need to set up your clothesline in such a way so that you will be able to undo it and pull the line tight as and when you need to.

Wooden Washing Line

When building or buying your wooden washing line pole, you need to make sure that it is the correct height. The clothesline must not be too low so bigger, heavier items touch the ground. You don’t want it to be too high either so you won’t be able to hang your clothes. The size of the clothesline and wooden washing poles will also depend on the amount of laundry you have. Make sure the washing line pole and clotheslines are large enough to handle all your laundry.

Also make sure that the wooden clothesline pole is made from wood that is rot resistant. Using a wooden washing line pole is a great way to go green and save the environment.