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Whirligig Clothesline

The cute name of ‘Whirligig’ clothes dryers are often given to the standard ‘rotary’ clothes dryers you see in so many back yards. Whirligig clothes dryers come in different heights and sizes. Lines are usually 40m long spanned in an umbrella type shape.

A whirligig clothes dryer is made from a steel frame and have four arms, which are fitted with line (PVC coated). Most large whiligig clothes dryers have generous space big enough for more than one load of washing. The umbrella system makes it easy to maintain tension in the lines.

The best thing about using a whirligig clothes dryer is that your washing can dry outside in the fresh air and sunshine. With a whirligig clothes dryer you can decide where to put it in your garden. Whirligig clothes dryers are better suited in larger gardens but that doesn’t mean that you cannot use it in a smaller garden. Certain brands offer whirligig clothes dryers that can fold up in an ‘umbrella style’ with different line tensions. At the end of some of the steel arms there are hanger hooks to hang clothes on like shirts and other types of laundry that require hangers. And don’t forget that most of the modern whirligig clothes dryers now come with non-slip washing lines.

Whirligig clothes dryers are solid and well made. Opening, closing and adjusting for height is easy. Having height adjustment on your whirligig clothes dryer is very convenient. You can decide how far the pole must go into the ground. Make sure that when you buy a whirligig clothes dryer that you buy one of the better-known brands, which uses strong materials such as stainless steel instead of a cheaper brand, which uses not such strong materials. Whirligig clothes dryers must also be rust resistant and must be easy to install into the ground with concrete and soil.