Concerto Airer and Classic Dryline Cover

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High quality 50m rotary airer with Classic S1800 Dryline Cover.

If your looking for a quality, tried and true and highly tested rotary clothes dryer and cover combination, then this is the setup you need to purchase.

Keep your washing protected and dry in all weather conditions while your at work or away from home….no more needing to race home if a rain shower is around the corner!

We have never found a better combination of clothes airer and cover, with this setup being one of our most popular selling products throughout the UK.

The airer has a center post 32mm in diameter and with 1mm wall thickness, which means this is a quality airer built to last.

Storage cover included FREE!

Concertos are also available in a heavier weight ‘Deluxe’ Luxury 300 grade woven material.


  • A square waterproof cover with a central vent and 100mm side wall attached to a 900mm mesh skirt which catches even windblown rain,
  • The dimensions are 1.84 metres (72″) side length, 2600mm diameter (102″), Centre Post 32mm diameter with 1mm wall thickness.
  • A weighted hem all round the skirt to prevent it blowing in the wind, and corner weights for added stability,
  • A quality airer designed to suit the Dryline and made of steel for added strength.
  • A free Drystore Storage Cover.
  • All required fittings.


  • Supplied fully assembled with clothesline cord pre-strung.
  • 4 arm 40-meter rotary clothesline
  • Bright silver tubular steel arms and braces will not tarnish
  • Strong all steel construction
  • The lines will not sag easily
  • Will rotate even when fully loaded
  • Spring action self-locking latch
  • PVC poly core clothesline
  • Supplied with free plastic ground socket 36mm od (1 3/8″ od)
  • Will fold and can be stored away when not in use
  • Longest top line span 1.84meters (6ft 0″)
  • Rotating diameter 2.6 meters (8ft 6″)
  • Centre mast 32 mm (1 1/4″)

Quality 50m airer with Classic S1800 Dryline. A well tried-and-tested rotary airer, simple but effective, and made of steel. Matched with our Luxury cover, it will look good in any garden while keeping your laundry dry. Why not use it in place of a parasol, 2 uses in 1! Includes metal ground socket for driving or concreting into the ground.

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